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About The Copyright Hub

The Copyright Hub aims to make copyright licensing easier

We are currently in the process of launching a new website. To see the most up-to-date information about The Copyright Hub Foundation, please visit www.copyrighthub.org

Licensing is the process of getting and granting permission to use creative works. It's at the heart of copyright but it's not always easy, especially online.

We were set up with certain common problems in mind:

  • I cannot find my way through the sheer complexity of copyright and need help with navigation, signposting and copyright education

  • I cannot find who owns what rights to specific works, for example a novel, photo or song, therefore...

  • I find it difficult, time-consuming and expensive to get permission to use material legally

We want to change that, for everyone - creators, creative industries and consumers.

We will help people find rights holders and then have a conversation with them about rights, increasingly automatically.

We also try to make it easier to understand copyright and navigate through the subject and its – frequently complex – terminology and structures.
Specifically, we will:

  • Provide a portal – this website - to copyright-related information and therefore make it easier to navigate through the subject and find organisations who can help

  • Create open-source technology to help simplify and automate the process of getting permission.

  • Make it easier to connect pieces of content to their rightsholder.

Everyone is a user and creator of content and the internet is everywhere. Licensing needs to respond to this new reality - that is the Copyright Hub's vision.
The Copyright Hub's manifesto expands on this. We work in close partnership with the Digital Catapult to develop technology that supports this vision.
This website will continue to evolve with more connections to websites, digital copyright exchanges and databases in the UK and worldwide as well as more information to address the common questions and problems our users encounter.

The Copyright Hub Foundation

The Copyright Hub Foundation is a non-profit company limited by guarantee. It is managed by the CEO Dominic Young and overseen by an Executive Board of directors chaired by Richard Hooper CBE.
The primary forum through which the Copyright Hub receives guidance, help and steering from its stakeholders is its Partners Board which includes representatives from across the creative industries, users, the technology sector and government.
If you are interested in finding out more about our work, connecting your organisation to the Hub, joining our mailing list or anything else, please contact us.